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Novazime Multi

Biodegradable trienzyme detergent

1000 ml 5000 ml
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The Novazime Multi multienzyme detergent was thought to improve the professional work of deep cleaning of the material used in medical procedures.

Novazime Multi is a 100% biodegradable product, taking care of the environment.

The balanced combination of proteolytic enzymes, amylases and lipases with a non-ionic surfactant with low foaming and neutral pH, makes the cleaning of the instruments optimal.

It is used to remove proteins, amyloid substances and lipids adhered to medical surgical and dental instruments, endoscopes, tracheoscopes, reusable medical devices, etc.

The mechanism of action is enhanced by the high concentration and high specific activity of the enzymes used in the exclusive formula of Novazime Multi, on the one hand the Protease removes the proteins, degrading them into simple molecules, the highly degradable amylase that allows the degradation of amylolytic materials. and with the fungal lipase it is possible to dissolve the fats contained in the organic matter residues, all this aided by the non-ionic surfactant that facilitates the removal of the suspended residues, achieving an efficient and deep cleaning.

The advantages of using Novazime Multi is that we can work at a temperature range of 40 ° to 55 ° C in manual washing equipment, or washing trays or with automatic ultrasound machines.

The optimal formulation is designed to protect the material of stainless steel, rubbers, optical lenses, plastics of various origin, avoiding oxidation, leaving the material ready for subsequent disinfection by any method used.

The exclusive formulation of Novazime Multi ensures a fast and efficient cleaning, acting as a bacteriostatic and fungistatic with a low foam effect, ideal for today’s high routine in medical diagnostic centers.

  • Liquid alkaline protease 2% w / v
  • Amylase 0.5%
  • 0.5% lipase
  • Non-ionic surfactant 10%
  • Propylene glycol
  • Enzyme stabilizers
  • Dye R2634
  • Fragrance
  • Purified water qs 100%

Dilución: 10ml por litro de agua y homogeneizar

Tiempo de exposición: entre 10 a 30 minutos

Instrucciones de uso: El tiempo de exposición del material a tratar puede variar de 10 minutos a 30 minutos dependiendo de la cantidad de residuo orgánico a remover. Si es necesario, limpiar todo el equipo con cepillo o gasa. Para equipo con control de temperatura, puede trabajar desde 35°C a 55°C, obteniendo una óptima limpieza del material a tratar. Enjuagar con agua el equipo enérgicamente, aspirando el agua a través de los orificios para quitar restos de Novazime. Secar bien. Ahora el equipo queda preparado para desinfección o esterilización por método correspondiente.

Método de inactivación y descarte: Se desecha a desagüe cloacal por método de dilución con agua de red y se desechan como residuo no peligroso de acuerdo con las normas de bioseguridad establecidas.

Caducidad: 2 años a partir de la fecha de elaboración