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How to request a quote?


How to request a quote?

Simple steps to request quotes online

1 | Product selection

Get to know our products through the “PRODUCTS” menu or through the direct accesses to categories in the start menu, or find the desired product through the “Product Finder”. The predictive search engine is an easy method of searching for products by names or synonyms.

2 | Put the product to cart

Expand the product of your choice to know its properties, see more photos and be able to select the quantity to add to the shopping cart, or from the category views you can, through the “cart” icon, take the product to your order and then modify the amount.

3 | My order

At all times you can see the products loaded with our quick purchase indicator located on the top right of your screen, through the cart icon, you can see items by items the loaded products.

4 | Finalize order, send data

At the end of the quote request, we will request your information, complete our simple form so that we can get in touch, confirm the budget and organize the delivery of the same.


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