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Biodegradable enzymatic detergent

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Novazime is a liquid detergent whose formulation contains, in addition to a surfactant, a proteolytic enzyme as an active ingredient, in order to remove dirt from medical devices and prevent the formation of insoluble compounds on their surface.

As they are not toxic chemicals, they are ecological cleaning products, very respectful with the environment and biodegradable, while minimizing allergic reactions both in the people who use them in their cleaning work, and in subsequent users of surfaces , clothes or objects sanitized with it kind of product.

The principle from which the use of biological enzymes in the composition of cleaning products is derived is based on the use of these molecules of protein origin that act as catalysts, accelerating the processes in certain chemical reactions, destroying the stains generated quickly and easily by organic remains.

  • Liquid alkaline protease 2% w / v
  • Non-ionic surfactant
  • Propylene glycol; Stabilizers
  • Dye R2634
  • Fragrance
  • Purified water qs. 100%

Dilution: 10ml per liter of water and homogenize

Exposure time: between 10 to 30 minutes

How to use: The exposure time of the material to be treated can vary from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the amount of organic residue to be eliminated. If necessary, clean all equipment with a brush or gauze. For equipment with temperature control, it can work from 35°C to 55°C, obtaining an optimal cleaning of the material to be treated. Rinse the equipment with water vigorously, sucking the water through the holes to remove the Novazime residue. Dry well. Now the equipment is ready for disinfection or sterilization by the corresponding method.

Inactivation and disposal method: It is disposed of to the sewer by the method of dilution with tap water and it is disposed of as a non-hazardous waste in accordance with established biosecurity standard.

Expirate: 2 years from the date of manufacture